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How to spot fake Craze®

In light of the recent counterfeiting of Craze® we want to educate our customers as much as possible on this matter so they can easily identify if they have been duped into buying a counterfeit product.


Firstly, we recommend that you only purchase Craze® from reputable retailers, and take heed of the lists of retailers previously found [here and here] to be selling counterfeits. We also suggest avoiding sites like eBay and Amazon for the time being as they seem to be the channels selling the most of these counterfeits since retailers have been alerted.

We are working with authorities to stamp out the problem as quickly as possible, as well as alerting any retailers of the official distribution channels who wish to sell Craze® and other Driven Sports products.

Unfortunately, many people that purchase Craze® will do so online, so they will not be able to truly see their tub until it is actually in their hands after delivery. If you think you may have been sent a fake tub there are some ways of identifying it.

Lets start by looking at the front of the label.

The most obvious red flag to us, is that the purple color of the background swirl is slightly off. Additionally, the background swirl itself is incorrect and missing a lot of detail. Unfortunately for someone that has never seen a genuine tub of Craze® this may not be so obvious. What is obvious, however, is that the trademark icon (™) is missing from the end of the word CRAZE.

The outer plastic shrink-wrap is also not as tight as seen on genuine Craze®, and it appears to stretch further into the center of the top of the tub than genuine Craze® does. Additionally, there is a perforated section on the counterfeit version for removing the sleeve. Genuine Craze® does not have this perforation.



The newer batches of legitimate Craze® will feature foil on some parts of the label, including the DS logo on the front, but it will take a little while for these to filter down through to most retailers.

Looking at the back you will notice that the font size used in the warning text is smaller than the font used on genuine Craze® (not pictured here), and the font used in the short descriptive product paragraph is also incorrect. Again, it is unfortunate that someone that has never seen an actual tub of Craze® may not pick up on these differences.


Another very obvious red flag, however, is that genuine Craze® has the lot number stamped onto the label during production. The counterfeit Craze® products used a genuine lot number from a previous batch, however rather than stamping it onto the side of the label they printed it on the label. In other words, the lot number was on the label when the label came out of the printer; it was not stamped on during production. If you were to scrape the lot number of genuine Craze® it will come off (though the indent from the stamp will remain). If you try to scrape the lot number of the counterfeits it will not rub off.

There are some other key differences that we have also made note of, but we will not be publicly divulging this as we do not want to give the counterfeiters a complete road map of what to correct in their operation. In all honesty it is probably a great aid to them that we are releasing this information, however we put customer health and safety above all else. We are primarily interested in ensuring that none of our customers are duped into consuming whatever is in these counterfeits.

Finally, and to reiterate, we highly recommend that you only purchase Craze® from reputable retailers.

Rob Clarke
Written on Friday, 21 December 2012 13:24 by Rob Clarke

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