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Baseless lawsuit against Craze® dismissed

Driven Sports is very pleased to announce that the lawsuit started in 2012 by Newport Trial Group, claiming that the Driven Sports pre-workout product Craze® is unlawfully adulterated with amphetamine, has been dismissed. This is a huge win for Driven Sports and the thousands of loyal Craze® users!


Driven Sports has said repeatedly since this baseless suit was started, that Craze® does not, has not, and never will contain amphetamines, nor any other banned or controlled substance. The lawsuit dismissal is a great vindication for the Craze® product and the Driven Sports brand that has fought tirelessly to clear it’s name following this baseless accusation by California’s Newport Trial Group and plaintiff Aaron Karmann. The process has been dragged out for almost an entire year, based on their false belief that Craze® contains amphetamines.

Driven Sports has dozens of 3rd party independent lab reports documenting every single batch of Craze® ever manufactured. All reports clearly show that there are no amphetamines, nor any other banned or controlled substances in Craze®. Driven Sports demanded to see the lab report that the Newport Trial Group used as the basis for their lawsuit. The eventual lab report submitted by Newport in fact confirmed that Craze® did not contain amphetamines, nor any other banned or controlled substances. This supports Driven Sports’ position that the lawsuit was always without merit.

Craze® is a product backed by 4 double blind placebo controlled human safety and efficacy studies, with a fifth study in process. Driven Sports is eager to publish the results of these studies in the very near future. Additionally, the Craze® formula was reviewed by our on-staff board-certified endocrinologist prior to release, and also by an independent toxicologist who reviewed all of the available literature on the ingredients for the product.

Craze® was nominated for two awards at the 2012 Supplement Awards, walking away with the award for Best New Supplement.

Driven Sports is a leading sports nutrition manufacturer famous for releasing some of the most popular supplements available. For more information check out, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written on Thursday, 07 February 2013 17:03 by Administrator

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