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Re-formatting the limited edition flavors of Craze®

Late last year we released a new concept to the world of pre-workout nutrition in our seasonal limited edition Craze® exclusive flavors.


Apple pie flavor was a exclusive, Europa Sports took Blackberry tea, and Predator Nutrition took Strawberry swirl. We had intended for our pineapple passion fruit flavor to be an exclusive for Australia, however due to manufacturing delays they were to receive it at a later date.

During this time we have decided to switch up our format for the limited edition flavors. Rather than offer specific seasonal flavors to individual territories or retailers we have decided to release monthly limited edition runs to ALL territories. The exception to this, is the March/April release of our sponsored flavor, “Furious Melons”, a “Furious” Pete-inspired flavor that will be exclusive to Europe via Predator Nutrition to coincide with his brand new television show on German TV.

That is not all. Unlike other companies that insist on giving you the poorest value for money, not only with ineffective products but also low serving counts, we are listening to our loyal customers. Due to demand, we are ensuring that all of the limited edition flavors come in 45-serving tubs.

This means that no potential customer or fan of Craze® will be unable to experience any of these flavors; they will be accessible to all. This should come as a welcome surprise to many as we have received multiple requests for Pineapple passion fruit Craze® from fans in the US. It makes it quite appropriate that Pineapple passion fruit will be the first flavor released under this new format - this month!


Rob Clarke
Written on Monday, 18 February 2013 12:59 by Rob Clarke

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