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Statement About USA Today Article From 7-25-13

Driven Sports is disappointed by the story written in USA Today and allegations about the Craze product. Craze is a legal supplement that provides people with a tool to enhance their workouts, by combining natural extracts to increase their energy. Craze conforms to all U.S. federal regulatory requirements and is proven safe when used as directed. As is the case with any such supplement, the product and its ingredients are subject to regulation by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Driven Sports has commissioned extensive testing of Craze from a reputable, independent laboratory), which conclusively establishes that the product does not contain any illegal stimulants. More information is available at It is important that consumers understand that Craze is safe when used as directed, and we would encourage anyone with questions to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Driven Sports puts the safety of our customers above all else and invests considerably in the science and independent testing of our products before they are sold to consumers.

  • Craze conforms to all U.S federal regulatory requirements and is proven safe when used as directed. Just like other supplements, the product and its ingredients are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation
  • Craze was created based on studies from scientifically peer-reviewed journals
  • Our staff includes a Board-certified endocrinologist who reviews all formulas prior to production.
  • Driven Sports commissioned extensive testing of Craze from a certified, independent laboratory. They have conducted four double-blind, placebo controlled safety studies. The testing and studies confirm that Craze does not contain any illegal stimulants.
  • We work with FDA and Drug Enforcement Administration accredited labs to test for and identify all raw materials prior to production. The same labs test the product post-production for any controlled substances before they are released for sale.
  • Our products are produced at FDA “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” compliant facilities. That means that our manufacturing partners comply with FDA standards for proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and procedures.
  • We provide our thousands of satisfied customers with a tool to enhance their workouts by increasing their energy. Craze always has been and will continue to be safe when used as directed. have also came out in support of Craze, posting a message on their online forum in response to questions raised by members.

Hey all,

I wanted to post a response to remove any confusion about Craze being sold on

Because of the USATODAY article on Matt Cahill of Driven Sports and Craze, you will probably see an influx of posts about this article. We were advised by Legal to leave the threads up and only remove posts that violate normal forum rules. has conducted product, blood and urine tests on Craze numerous times and all tested negative for amphetamines. You are free to share the fact that we’ve tested and all results have been negative.

We remain committed to providing products that are legal and safe and have no evidence that Craze is any different.

You can view the post by clicking here. has temporarily suspended sales of Craze while they await further testing that they are having conducted. We would like to thank for their continued support and we understand that the safety of their customers is of the utmost importance – as it is with our customers. Although we have tested Craze many times over (and posted the results on our blog) we understand their concern for further clarity in light of all of the negative media exposure, particularly when their integrity is being questioned.’s general counsel, Bill Carter, has been quoted saying, "We're not discontinuing the product, we're just simply, as a precaution, making sure these tests are done properly."

We hope that they conclude their testing in a swift manor so that the many fans of Craze can get the product from one of the websites they have known to love and trust.

Written on Thursday, 25 July 2013 08:46 by Administrator

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